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  1. Wow that's a beast! Thanks for sharing it.
  2. Hey Mikey98118, you can see the forge running at about 1.5 psi towards the end of the video (10:00). Much of the video I have the forge barley running... in an attempt to keep the temp below 1600F. Have a great weekend!
  3. I've heard really good things about Atlas Forges...
  4. Thanks Frosty! The legend himself. A whole burner is named after you.
  5. So the pipe nipple that enters the forge recessed back some from the kaowool lining. The kaowoll and satanite are shaped in such a way to almost create a nozzle. If it ever fails, it would be as easy as replacing a nipple I guess. Haven't seen any indication that it will be an issue though. Cheers! Around Odessa
  6. Hey guys... so I'm new here. I'm a weekend warrior knife maker in West Texas. I do mostly stock removal knives right now, but am looking to venture more in forging. I use my forge mostly for heat treating currently. I'm happy to have found this community! I'm mostly active on bladeforums, but I'm staring to branch out some. I figured I'd try and start strong with a burner tutorial. I've also done a Frosty T burner build, but it looks like this forum is saturated with guides on those. I've really enjoyed my blown burner vs the venturi because it allows me to run the forge at lower temps. This has really come in handy for forge heat treating... which is most of what I currently do with my forge. The blown burner also has a "higher top end" than my small T burner and it can do so at a much lower PSI. If found in building both blown and venturi burners that it's more cost effective to get the fittings online... Supplyhouse.com has better prices than my local big box hardware stores and they have more options. I also got a ESD fail close solenoid for this system off of amazon... in case the power goes out during operation. Cheers to all! Have a great Tuesday!
  7. XXXX! That guy looks mean! I feel like it's meant to be thrown!