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  1. The one jaw doesn't have holes so it's not a removable insert, whereas the other jaw looks to be. Most vise I've seen are which happen to be newer vises, have a removable insert on both sides. And to "Kozzy" thanks for the info, you provided more than I could find. When i searched for any info it only gave me info about the chain the company produced. I have seen other acco vises but they are considerably smaller. I've only ever seen on other post about this specific vise but the picture dont look the same and it went for sale a few years back. Other than that I know nothing about this vise.
  2. All I can find out about it is what's tagged on the vise itself. Got it from a retired blacksmith who was a friend of my uncle. I was hoping to find out more about it. Any and all knowledge about such a vise is appreciated. Weighs about 80 pounds, only has on jaw. Other side is smooth, screw is in great condition. Also has weld spots on it.
  3. Two taps with the back of the crosspein got it to dent slightly. Barely scratches the surface. Pic 1 is after one heat cycle pic two is factory heat treated
  4. The pipe is holding the sledge hammer to the pivot. Was a quick decision since I cant weld wood to metal. Its riveted in so that the hammer handle is in the middle of the pipe. It hits fairly square, but hits angular using top tools. Would I need it to hit over square to the bottom "anvil" so that it would hit square on a top tool? Or am I overthinking this?
  5. I built my first treadle hammer last week and thought I'd share with the class so to speak. Does hit as hard as I'd like but it's better than nothing. Don't mind the crappy welding, if anyone has any thoughts or ways to improve please let me know. It's based off of "Big Dog Forge"s design. Has a 90lb spring, 10 or 12 lb. Sledge head as the hammer and another as the "anvil".
  6. Not sure of the brand, and I could use the practice forge welding. I got if off a piece of plate we water jetted at work. Seems to move like butter when it's hot. 1st pic is 5 minutes after it was in the forge.
  7. I've got a piece of ar400 steel about 1/4' by 5" was thinking about cutting it and forge welding together. Would this make a decent punch or possible drift?
  8. Thanks for the insight I'll definitely try it once I get a 55 gallon barrel.
  9. What i have is a tie plate, my mistake. I have looked at the 55 forge, but I don't have a welder just yet. The current forge I have is a bunch of bricks making a box, with a piece of pipe with slots cut into it, and a two speed heat gun for an air supply.
  10. Right now I'm currently using solid fuel. Mostly charcoal or wood scraps. Looking to upgrade to coal. I've been looking to get/make a railroad track anvil. I currently have what they call a fishplate I believe. Thought of getting a few and welding them together. Probably 10 or so.
  11. A while back I got hold of some fence brackets and such from my high school. They were throwing them out and I took them because I figured they had be mild steel. Without being able to remove the coating I thought I could burn it off, I put one into the forge and it had a yellowish color to it and produced green Flame. I instantly pulled it out, but was wondering what it could be? Any help would be appreciated.
  12. Hello everyone, my name is Brandon. I'm a newbie blacksmith from Missouri. I've built 3 forges in the past year, all of which haven't been the greatest. I'm currently on number 4. I got into blacksmithing off of YouTube. I've always enjoyed knives, so I decided to make one. I failed miserably. I sorta got out of the craft so to speak for a few months, but I've recently decided to get back into it. Im using a railroad bracket as an anvil (one of the pieces that olds to track to the railroad tie) and I'm currently trying to learn hammer control and so on. I'm glad to be a part of this site, and I hope to increase my skills by listening to those more skilled than I.
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