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  1. Sorce for IFB in Cincinnati

    I live in Northern Ky. just outside of Cinti. I have about 4 cases of soft firebrick and about 6 rolls of FibreFrax insulation and a few 50# boxes of rammable. I assume you want something for the floor of your forge.If I need hard bricks I just use regular old hard firebricks from a local buiding supplier ( Tate Building Supply Erlanger Ky ). I use rammable for the floor in my forges. If you think you might be interested in some rammable refratory I can get some to you.
  2. Power hammer test

    I guess I should wait until I get batteries for my camera and enough steel to do both test's, but I thought I would post this before I forget. I didn't measure the stock's exact thickness before hand. It was hot rolled 1". I did 5 blows on 2" of 1" sq. .583 I am extremely busy right now, but when I get time I will do both tests. Hofi, Thanks for all of your blueprints. Tom Poole Northern Kentucky
  3. Pipeline welders

    I am a Pipefitter/welder and I have worked with lots of Pipeliners. Most pipeline welding is 6010 downhill. I would take the advice of Hillbillysmith and find out the process they want you to use. If possable find someone to teach you so you don't practice mistakes. Hope this helps
  4. Grounding clamp for pipe

    Strip a piece of welding cable long enough to go around the pipe. Cut 2 pieces of 3/4" copper tubing about 4" long. Crimp (smash) the pipe onto the ends of the stripped cable. Drape the cable over the pipe and connect your ground clamp. You may have to clean the coating off the pipe to avoid arcing . This works real well if you are rotating the pipe while you weld.