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  1. So I had the idea of fabbing a standalone hardy socket that will temporarily fasten to either side of my anvil as needed. Im also using a RR track anvil but definitely don't want to go to the trouble of milling the hardy into the anvil. I figure the main purpose the hardy hole serves is to hold whichever tool you're using steady, so if I use flat stock to offset the striking portion of the tool over the anvil face, i should be good... right? I'll be working on it this week, need to make a fullering tool for a new sword project. I'll post pics to follow up on how it turns out!
  2. Thanks for all the information provided here! I finally committed to making my first sword from a coil spring. Long story short I spent several hours filing my crossguard piece to fit and where the tang and blade meet it was around .020 thinner from the forging process and my 1x30 isnt that great at getting everything square. Anyway there is a just a little slop in the guard piece. Not much but still a pretty big bummer. Glad to find out soldering the joint is acceptable and seemingly fairly common!