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  1. That is a lot of people in one forge for a class. Did they at least have more then one anvil? The most I've had in one coal fire was three maybe three and a half. One student had forged before so I didn't have to go in to detail as much with him as the others.
  2. I like to build a 2x72 grinder and I've been going over my motor options. One of them being an old treadmill motor. What I'd like to know what are some of the things to look out for when using one and what else to keep in mind? Like when I tell people how to build a compressor out of a fridge motor, I have to point out to get one with a working overload protector or at least still has it attached. I've not messed with a treadmill motor or a treadmills so I know very little about them.
  3. Have business cards with at least an email to hand out. That way you're the first person they contact before it all go in the trash or they find someone else to give it too.
  4. It's nice, gives the kids and parents someplace warm to be. All in all about 21 hours of forge time. I got help every now and then. Which gave me time to make my hanger. Which was a fun quick project that people got to guess what it was.
  5. All that's left of a 20' bar of 1/4" square mild steel. Spent three days making ornaments and bottle openers, for kids and their parents waiting to see Santa.
  6. Side blast is nice but I think I'd have an easier time braking down and moving around a bottom blast. Thanks for all the help so far.
  7. Sorry new to this site and I'm still learning my way around. I'm looking to build a portable coal forge. and was looking for any tips and advice people might have for one? I've worked with a few other people portable forges for Demo's but they never really fit me. When doing a demo' I don't normally forge anything large, I try to stay smaller then 8" and no large stock (over 3/4" thick). I'm looking at using a hand crank blower, I've just not found on yet. But if anyone has any tips on what has worked out well or had NOT worked out well, please let me know. Thanks,
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