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    Old hand tool collecting, refurbishing, restoring. Knots and rigging. Keeping my wife's maddock, axe , scythe and mowers in excellent condition.

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  1. Gents, Well. I cleaned up the anvil and, based on the advice I got from you guys and the great BAM folks, advertised it locally for $850. It was sold within 30 minutes for a final price of $750. I'm happy with that and much appreciate your forum. Dave
  2. Sir, I started cleaning with the wire wheel and it quickly started showing bare metal in some of the dents (that look like made with a chisel) and on the sharp corners. I guess I was forcing it too much. Have I reduced the dollar value of my anvil? Thanks
  3. OK, this will be a test to see if my Quote trimming worked. Also, I'll need to study the management of photos a little more before I post any other pics. I really do appreciate the help. Now I have a starting point.
  4. Thomas, thanks for responding. I had no idea what ABANA or BAM are. I don't have a computer and rarely use one (I'm probably one of the few survivors that doesn't even carry a cell phone). I will, however, follow up on it. Sir, thank for responding. I'll follow up on your link. I'll also follow up on your cleaning suggestion.
  5. Hello, I'm a new member and am hoping for some help to determine a fair asking price for my anvil. It is a 160 lb. Hay Budden. It has come down through 3 generations in my family, but I have no interested offspring to pass it to, so I'm going to sell it. The ser. no. is 56040. From the few pictures, would anyone care to comment on it's general condition? Also, can you folks tell me anything about it's manuf. date based on ser. no.? I know there is a book available for this data but I can't really afford the ~$100 to buy it. If I could, I wouldn't be selling the anvil. I don't know yet what the market looks like here in southeast MO. I never see them for sale. But it's big horse country so there surely is a market out there. Last week I sold my 55 pounder for about half what I could have gotten if I'd done my research before setting a price. So here I am doing research. I appreciate any feed back.