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  1. DaMaakus

    Pile of bracelets

    That is good to hear, thank you for experimenting on your wife!
  2. DaMaakus

    Pile of bracelets

    The staining might be a problem, true. Don't know about the oily feeling though. I sprayed the cross, wiped off the excess and didn't have that feeling while handling it afterwards. But maybe that's just me. Yeah, the smell fresh out of the can is weird. But I had the impression it's hard to detect once it's on the piece and not in the air anymore. What does your wife say at that stage? My sister didn't complain about it on the cross.
  3. DaMaakus

    Pile of bracelets

    Cool, thanks JHCC! Maybe someone has used it on skin over a longer period. The article only mentions briefly that a diluted version can cancel out acidic influences from the skin, but it sounds more like he talked about finger prints and such, not long term contact like in a bracelet. Anyways, at least it seems I can use it as rust protection for the most part, which is nice. Thanks again!
  4. DaMaakus

    Pile of bracelets

    To piggyback on the question of keeping the damascus / steel from oxidizing: Has anyone of you tried Balistol for a longer term? I'm not sure if it exists in the States, but since it was introduced as a gun maintenance oil, they would be crazy not to cover your guys market. On paper it looks good (even food safe), but I can't tell how it would work when being used on jewelery (wear and tear from skin contact). I sprayed a cross with it to protect it from rust, which I gifted to my sister but I lack the long-term experience.
  5. DaMaakus

    Easy 1 Hour Project Ideas Requested

    Maybe braceletts? Some square stock, flatening or maybe even scrolling the ends, twisting it while keeping a cm or so from each side straight, put a slight bend in it to fit around the persons wrist. Might need some sanding or slight hammering on the inside to dull the edges.
  6. DaMaakus

    Greetings from Germany

    Thank you Thomas. They seem to tend more towards pros and commercial blacksmiths, but I guess I can send them an e-mail as soon as I know what to ask.
  7. DaMaakus

    Greetings from Germany

    To be honest, I thought about it. But as I said, I wanted a more mobile forge anyways, since the old one already started to mold and stuff. The new one, I should be able to roll it in and out the shop, no more being damp/wet all the time. I only hope the fire pit will deliver. Also, I think about putting kitty litter clay on top, but I'm not yet sure. Thank you for your advice!
  8. DaMaakus

    Greetings from Germany

    I don't think there are fixed installations near me, but thank you! What is near me is a blacksmith shop that offers two day beginner courses. I'm going for that. Thanks! Yes, that is a problem with my first forge, I had to stick the stock down at a very steep angle (led to the burnt cross, too). I hope to achieve a more accessible and "flater" heat with the new version, so I have a wider area to heat.
  9. DaMaakus

    Greetings from Germany

    Hello, my name is Markus and I'm from Germany. Bavaria, to be more precise. I'm 36 and a complete beginner, in terms of blacksmithing and crafting in general. My father was a metal worker though, so I can fall back on some tools (which most of them I have no idea how to use properly). But even the best tools can't compensate for my lack of basic skills. For now, I have about three days (4 to 6 hours each) of forging under my belt, since I only get to it every other weekend, at best. I built a JABOD forge (with charcoal fuel) and did some small stuff (a curl prototype for a friends garden, a cross for my sisters birthday, a really xxxxxx pair of tongs from rebar) and last weekend I tried to make an updated version of a JABOD, to make it more mobile and smaller. I probably will post it in the solid fuel section, since I'm not sure this one is viable. Other than that, I want to keep going, I aim to take a blacksmithing class the next few months and my next big goal is to make a small box out of wood (another thing I want to learn is a little bit of woodworking) and combine it with some self-made hinges and maybe a decorative front piece. If I reached that goal, I will aim for another project. Also, I want to apologize in advance for my English and the possibly improper use of blacksmithing terms, it's hard to learn that. And inches vs. cm. I will be using a lot of cm and mm. Sorry guys. Here are some pictures, if that is okay: First forge with my (fathers) anvil in the background (hard to spot the little thing) Scroll prototype (couldn't get the egg shape to be round) Cross (burnt an arm) New forge (WIP, have to ask questions in the JABOD sub)