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  1. Thank you all for your responses I'll make sure to have a lok at the links you sent. It was just what I was looking for and it wil help me to make my descision. I think, as anvil and Marc1 that there is a blacksmith world in europe without the UK. Most of the information I find, like this forum for instance, is related to the english speaking world and that's what made me think that it was the only places blacksmithing was still going on. I couldn't forge in paris because i was in a student appartement there and knew nobody with a house and a garden. I'm not even speaking about anvil, fire and all that stuff ^^. I if choose to take a one week class, I'm afraid that it won't be across the atlantic sea. I have looking at a class in France for a while now and would rather pick that one, no direspect to american smiths but if I can avoid a plane ticket, i'll be easier for me to do it. I hear what you said about the buisness side of the craft. As for other metalwork techniques, although im interested in repousse, machining and other, I can't do everything and I'm sure that some of you feel the same. But I am aware that it exists and thats it's not impossible to get started. Your responses gave me ideas and options to consider, thank for encouraging me.
  2. Hello everyone, First let me say that IforgeIron is the best source of information that I have found only regarding blacksmithing and that people here seem to be nice. I have a question, but I need to me explain my situation a little before. I am French, 22 years old and about to graduate as a civil engineer. I have been doing metalworks for 2 and a half years now, trying to organise it with my studies since I can’t forge in Paris. I won’t hide : my interest started with youtube, but when I managed to get hot metal between me and the anvil, I understood that it was completely different. So yes, I tried to make knife and other popular things but not only. I’ll be glad to share some pictures if you want me to. Last year’s summer, I was housed by Stephen Rylance on Jersey island for a month and a half, he agreed to give me work experience in his workshop (I found him on BABA website). It is an 8 people company and I mainly assisted the blacksmith there but the fabricators as well. It was truly an incredible experience and I have been warmly welcomed by everyone I met there. Since I left, all I want to do is go back to a workshop doing metalworks. Here is my question : knowing that I’ll be free in one year from now, what is the best that I can do now to give metalworks a real try before I find myself trapped doing something that I don’t like ? I really want to give it a try. It seems that there is no blacksmith association in France or at least I haven’t found it and I concluded that the UK would be the best solution. I don’t want to take a multiple year class since I am a little bit tired of studies. Thank you for reading and keeping this forum alive, I hope that you are doing well. Mel
  3. Thank you a lot ! I'll make sure not to damage it and read the topic.
  4. Hi, I've recently bought this anvil for 150 euros, it looks like its a Trenton and I'd really like to know more about it There is the Trenton mark on the side and numbers on the front foot. The numbers seems to be : "250 A 66 529" I heard that some Trenton anvils were made in germany and was wondering if it could be the case as there is no "USA" mark along the logo So I'm looking the making year and how it came here if its possible Thanks Mel