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  1. Oooooo! What price you thinking? I’m hoping to snag another forge that’s complete next week but if that falls through then I’m just gonna throw a hairdryer or something in there until I come across the proper one. edit: I don’t need the pipe portion just the blower, maybe that’ll cut down on shipping a little.
  2. Neat bit of history thanks! I’m just gonna go with everyone and say it was to hold something steady in the box Also since you’re a local, do you know where I can get some forge fuel?
  3. I drove to Napa to get the forge. I’ll keep my eyes peeled for any more goodies, now that I’m sinking my teeth into it.
  4. Ahh I came across your post during my original searches. I like what you did, my fire pot doesn’t quite fit like I would think it should. Thanks for the info and a quick reply. I’m gonna keep an eye out for that blower so I can get this thing going.
  5. Hello all. First post here. Just bought this forge yesterday and would love to give it a try. Bought it without legs and blower. What is this folding hood like item? Did that come with it originally? Also what is the bracket on the middle of the lid for? These are some reference pics I found of the unit in use and of the blower I need to fit. Any idea on what to call this blower? Through my searching it seems this ones reference number is elusive. Any tips for setup? Just throw some dirt in there to keep the fuel in the middle?