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  1. In/outlets could be problematic, as a press can operate at high pressure, not at higher rates speed. Hydraulics only cycle as fast as fluid can move thru the restrictions. Not so different from an air cylinder that returns at the same point the supply is, hence the reason air is exhausted close to the port as possible. Good luck!
  2. I travel for work. I need to make a push/pull dowel slide hammer. Collet hammers will not work. My background, millwright and machine work too long ago. This tool will have multiple threaded points. Have to be very durable, pulling up to 25mm/1" steel dowels, up to 60mm in length. I'm a machine tool builder. Access to lathes and Bridgeports are pretty regular, most have no cooling lubricants available, as most of us are I'm on a budget and with many restraints, including any type of hardening and heat treating being the biggest. ( imagine a hotel that allows a forge). My machining abilities are better than average as most of my work is restricted to less than .1mm. My loss is the grades of steel that is economical, easy to procure, easy on tooling to machine, yet durable. Plan for those who can visualize, is 1" slide bar with adaptable heads for different size dowels with out welding, adaptable slide sections for more length as necessary. The hammer made from 2" round cut down in the middle to provide a handle that will not allow for pinch points. Any help is greatly appreciated. When I complete one I will provide pics and specs after testing. Do not want one to get injured if this fails. Thank you all in advance for any information that is easy for an old man to learn from....
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