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  1. Thanks for the feed back, i guess i got a lot of reading to do hun.
  2. Alright im new to forges ive only bult one, it was a solid fuel forge made from plaster and sand, to say the least it was cool and fun but i want more power. I want to create a propane furnace that can either be slightly mobile or permanent in my back yard. I have a cement platform and the space to do it and my budget its around 300$. From what ive read the best way to do it is with a combination of kalewool or some insalating fiber and refractory cement, my question is can you guys post pictures of your forges and or give me a run down on how you did yours. My trouble is shaping the outside and inners because you have to line the wool with the cement, also how effectives firebrick in terms of durability and insulation
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