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  1. 9troragnar

    Hi from SW Minnesota

    Not the best photo cause it was moved out of the machine shred at spring time planting
  2. 9troragnar

    Hi from SW Minnesota

    Hi everyone from sw Minnesota I am new to the forging game I don't have a real anvil I kinda made my own but I have a nice old coal fired forge I can try to post pictures later on when I next get yo my Smith again looking forward to learning from everybody.
  3. 9troragnar

    Knife Class Log 107, Sharpening

    Hi everyone quick question for you all?What kinda belts do you recommend for sharpening? I'm going to try my hand at some knifes and want to know will standard wood sanding belts work or should I get something more hefty? Thanks for any and all help have a great day everyone.