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  1. Dionne

    Vice information

    Yes, my husband spent from 1982 to 1986 basically never working...luckily we had savings. Dad's & partners finally gave up in late 80s declaring bankruptcy. He was fortunate in that he was able to do consultant work... the partners had other assets, but actually they never had the experience he did except in sales. Since the BP spill, things have still never come back... lots of boats still dry docked just waiting. My welder husband went from shipyard welding to shop welding in 1986 and has worked for same company since then. But there work is for chemical plants. Yes John...remember that saying well. But we were part of those Acadian/Cajuns that "came and stayed". Granted you can't pay the electric company with potatoes.... but if you can't feed yourself in southeast Louisiana you better be in a wheelchair with no one to push you up to the bayou or out in the yard. Complaints of "no money".... I can show you the "year we made $1200". LOL People do what they have to do. Back then there was 6 wks of $120 wk unemployment....never even thought of "food stamps" and you didn't buy what you didn't have money to buy. Can say it was simple living but it was logic. I could say "in the old days people worked", but the generations of give me started then too. We were self sufficient but many of our friends, not.
  2. Dionne

    Vice information

    Thomas... the early 80's were when things went down hill fast here. He had long gone from roughneck, to mud logger, to salesman, to company owner and after things went to hell actually worked offshore. And he worked up until about 80 because the money was good LOL. I did his obit and tells more.. Robert "Bob" C. Use'... worked hard all his life and wouldn't have had it any other way. Jim, I have a big industrial magnet just for that purpose. Thank you so very much for your help.
  3. Thanks Irondragon..... very interesting catalog... Need to check for more numbers because pictures don't tell me enough
  4. Dionne

    Vice information

    Thank you for your help and suggestions. This site has been the most helpful for response, advice and knowledge. Surely, I wish Dad would still be alive and guiding me to know what was paid, age, history etc. on all of his stuff. He was proud oilfield trash mud engineer/consultant, gun collector/dealer, collector of antiques and keeper of all things he thought he just might "need". His Industrial Arts Degree found him leaving me with a lot of old useful tools, gidgets and gadgets...... and loving memories... Thanks, from Bob Use's daughter....
  5. Dionne

    Vice information

    A friend of my Dad's for whatever reason singled that item and the Sisco Anvil out and told me "be sure and not give those two things away". He said at least $350 for the vise.
  6. No I have not ...most of his friends were not collecting items as he was
  7. Yes it is in rough condition.... and I don't think it dumps from the side. I know it rolls and it sits on 3 wheels. We are in southeast Louisiana so I tend to think he picked it up around here.... but since he is gone, I have no clue. Thank you so much for your thoughts.
  8. Dionne

    Vice information

    He said the same... probably iron.... but the question made him doubt his assumption. We have gotten rid of a lot of scrap metal with him sorting it all. Dad had a lot of stuff accumulated in his 89 years of life LOL
  9. Dionne

    Vice information

    Asked my husband who is the "metal person" since he is a welder. He isn't sure and said he is thinking iron, but since it's weathered a wire brush may help decide. We are about 1/2 hr away from location of vice, so he can check next trip.
  10. Hi, My dad passed away in November and we are trying to value the items he owned and collected. Pictured is what I think he deemed as a coal wagon. I figured I’d ask to see if any could identify. It stands 36 inches in height and is 2 ft 9 inches by 3 ft 7 inches. As pictures show it has its share of rust. Thanks in advance for your reply. Dionne Use’ Blanchard
  11. Dionne

    Vice information

    No markings on it that I could see..... The only thing I could relate with other posts was the shape of the anchor into the piece of wood, shape of knob on same side and the fact that it had that "extra" piece of curved metal in between jar arms. My dad had a lot of neat things he accumulated in his 89 years... but we have no clue the value or what he paid. I have people interested but don't want to screw or get screwed with the value.
  12. Hi, My father passed away in November and we are trying to value and identify items. I have been told this is a pan forge, but not sure if that’s accurate. The pictures are all I find of this, meaning I think there are pieces missing?? It stands 2 ft 9 inches in height and the width across top is 1 ft 9 inches. Also pictured we found a blower in pretty good condition we think. I have seen pics on eBay of the switch being on top which tells me wires were altered as pics might suggest. Thanks in advance for information. Dionne Use’ Blanchard
  13. Dionne

    Vice information

    Hi, My father passed away in November and we are trying to value and identify items he owned. This vice measures 3 ft. 2 inches tall with a 6 inch jaw width. We were able to open to approximately 9 1/2 inches. Can anyone supply information from description and measurements? Thanks in advance, Dionne Use’ Blanchard
  14. Thanks for the advice... realize this is not a source to sell ...but if you know anyone in south east or west Louisiana looking .... lol Again appreciate your help. Thanks Twisted Customs truly you all have given me confidence in what I have in hand.
  15. Wow glad I am checking on this, glad not in such a hurry to sell at first price estimate. Good information for us, my dad would have been impressed....being a gun collector and dealer he loved a good surprise!