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  1. Hi John B - at the moment I am just looking for some mild flat, round, square and a little bit of box section really. Just some baseline materials to get me started on a range of projects. Thanks for the tips re: locations. I might take you up on the offer and pop down, I'm actually in Welly, so you're only 30mins from me tops. Cheers for that!
  2. Huh, would you look at that. Thanks for the tip!
  3. ThomasPowers - it's the English Dictionary "greatest hits"
  4. JHCC, hey you know what they say: "Curmudgeonliness is next to holiness "
  5. JHCC - perhaps '@'ing is what I was looking for. Noted, and thanks.
  6. Cheers Daswulf. My thought's exactly! One for the kids (and probably grandkids) that I've yet to have!
  7. Thanks! I have read the guidelines now Received re:wire brush! Good to know that people think it was a good find, it's the most expensive tool I have bought at £250 GBP, so it means a lot that the experienced guys think its a good looking anvil. Good to know about the metal stand. If it's not the right height, I'll try and alter it rather than use a stump. Can't wait to get going in the shop now. Don't suppose you guys have any idea of rough age/provenance ? The nerd inside me is dying to know, but the current owner does not. Thanks for the feedback Hey thanks! I go
  8. Great shout JustAnotherViking, there are some small->medium scale firms around which I'm sure are worth hitting up. Thanks for the advice, especially the bottle-opener pal grease idea!
  9. Hey all SouthWest Smiths! Total newbie to smithing and the site. I live near Taunton, and I'm struggling to find stockists who aren't either a rip off (internet national suppliers mostly), or only want to deliver by the ton. All recommendations in the SW welcome, I have a van so not just looking for delivery! Cheers Ross WestfordForge
  10. Hey guys! This forum is awesome, some really great reads and advice (thanks to everyone who contributes and maintains). I just bought my first anvil, pick it up in a couple of weeks, so I've got some time to get the shop sorted. So, heres a couple of pics of the anvil (which needs some cleaning with a flapper) and its stand. Anyone got any ideas what it might be? I think its roughly 100kgs from what I can see of the englishweight on the side. Would you guys keep the stand, or do you think wood is better for dampening ring? Cheers Ross
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