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  1. I really wish there was a like button on posts, there is just so much amazing work being shown.
  2. Alexandr that is amazing work mate! It was bloody hot today but I got the first bottle opener done on my new anvil!
  3. Great idea Glenn. When i actually have a property and proper workshop i will definitely implement this. For now my tiny courtyard in my townhouse will have to suffice haha
  4. Frosty, thanks for the tips. After a bit more reading last night I realized I should not touch the face at all. I was going to wire brush it. But saw a few posts saying just use it. The dings in the edges don't bother me at all and the edges are pretty nicely radiused though very small radii. And I have some boiled linseed oil read to go. I missed out on a 169 lbs Soderfors by the skin of my teeth, for a ridiculously good price. So lesson learned, I should have jumped on it immediately. The fund for something like that has already begun. Cheers
  5. Hey ausfire, cheers mate. I have not done a rebound test, but as soon as i come across a ball bearing i will do one. From the research i did i knew i could not pass this up. As you probably know anvil prices and quality here are all over the place, so i am pretty happy i found this one Im going to clean up the face today and get to work as soon as possible
  6. I picked this beauty up today!! This is my first anvil ever. Before this I was using some railroad track and a 10kg lump of steel shaped like an anvil. This is an 84# kohlswa. There are a few very minor dings in it but overall it is in great condition and I can't wait to put this to work tomorrow!
  7. Hi every one, this is my first post and also my first attempt at decorating a bottle opener with a skull design. I have made a few bottle openers before this one but this is by far the best one i have done.