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  1. Ok nice to know. Thanks JHCC. I made some progress over the weekend with the forge but forgot to take pics will take some and post when i get a chance.
  2. Sounds like your friend got ripped off if you ask me
  3. Yes the last number i can also not make out. So it would be safe to say that its in the 450lb range. I can also make out some of the "solid wrought" stamped in a circle around the 0
  4. Finally got some pics of the remaining markings. Hope you guys can make something out. The anvils got alot of damage on the sides
  5. I will start keeping my eyes open for a more suitable motor but in the meantime this one will have to do. I did install a piece of plate on the suction end of the blower that i can open and close to regulate airflow, i was thinking of lining the fire pot if someone maybe has a good recipe for the lining material. Ive read someting about using cat litter but what is it mixed with? And i have no idea what a clinker breaker is lol
  6. Thanks for the warm welcome. Will post some pics as i go along, i love pics just as much
  7. Thanks for all the great info guys. I still have to try and take a clear pic of the remaining markings on the side. I get home when its already dark every day. Does the "H" that is stamped on the base mean anything? Regards Rayner
  8. I suspect it to be a peter wright with the markings on the side i just dont have a clear pic of the markings but wil try to take one tomorrow. I payd R1000.00 (south african rand) for it which is about 73 usd in todays exchange rate. And i think its about 180 kg's which is around 400 lbs. Regards Rayner
  9. Yes thats the plan JHCC. And i will be burning anthracite coal in it. Im just not sure how long the motor will last its from an old clothes dryer. Only time will tell.
  10. Hey everyone. Just wanted to show my new forge im busy building with my home made blower. Tell me what you think. Regards Rayner
  11. Good day all. Just got an anvil for a bargain of R1000.00(south african rand) the other day. And starting out in blacksmithing. Ive lurked around on ifi for a few weeks now and ive made a few small items such as bottle openers and key holders. Just wanted to say thanks for a great forum with all of the wonderfull people and great info all the pros are sharing for newbies like me. Regards Rayner
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