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    Ok. I read thru (as much as I could before my eyes crossed) burners 101. Man that's a lot of info! I now see that I should have come here before watching all the crazies on YouTube. I settled on the side arm burner and believe I built it as described. Parts I used; 1-1/4" T Bushing 9" x 3/4" tube (one end of the threads cut off) Flare from Larry. 1/8" x 5" (bought it long, I wasn't sure how much adjustment was needed). Schedule 80. .35 mig tip. My question is based on the attached photo. Generally how far into the T does the mig tip sit? I'm getting a much better flame thou.
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    I don't have the choke on in the photo. My flare is 3/4" x 1" with the threads ground down. The intake is 3/4" x 1-1/2". I noticed the flame ignite's way down in the tube very close to the flare end. Where should I drill the intake holes?
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    Hey people,Hoping for some feedback on the new torch I built. I've attached some photos in the hopes that someone could tell me if I need to (or not) do some tweaking.One is of it is with it lit with the gauge barely reading above 0. The other is it at 7 psi. The last is of the throat which is a reducer that is 3/4" x 1-1/2". The jet is 1/8" x 3" nipple with a #57 hole in a cap. I didn't do a water test to center the jet but I tend to have a good eye and centered it pretty well. I also slid the assembly in and out until the flame tried to go out (in both directions) and turned out the center of that created the perfect flame (at least that's what I think, you tell me). At start up with the gauge almost at 0, the flame huffs until i close the choke which is just the top of a tuna can cut out (yes, i watched A LOT of you tube). with the choke closed, it doesn't make any sound. With the choke off and the psi turned up to 7, it roars like a jet engine. From what i read and watch, it sound like i did OK.I accidentally got into this from taking a welding class and one of my projects was a branding iron. I got tired of holding the torch!Comments are greatly appreciated.!