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    Blacksmithing, metallurgy, survival skills, primitive technology, learning both the old things as well as the new. Respecting tools and trades. Almost everything interest me.

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  1. Fantastic. I really appreciate each and everyone one of your responses. Makes me feel a little start struck just about. I kind of had an idea I would get answeress much like the ones given. Sometimes I get to feeling like I'm getting gold fever. Just in a more blacksmithing sort of way.. if that makes any sense.was curious if I could get by with what I had at that moment. In one hand I just want to start heating up some steel and start getting a better relationship with my hammers by pounding on some steel and forming/developing better and better technique . On the other hand I'm not the type
  2. Good afternoon. First I would like to say thank you for your time also that I am quite new to this website. I have indeed read over many many forums or blogs on here. Aside from all my blacksmithing books, I find this website really informative, educational and also entertaining. I started collecting materials so I can do some smithing in my spare. In which fluctuates throughout the year. I'm pretty sure I can build this new forge I have in mind. I am just looking for more experienced advice and criticism from some of the Pro's around this website. So if anyone has any input it would be apprec
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