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  1. Interesting name man


  2. By the way the anvil has an absolutely beautiful ring and a rebound of 95 percent on the main and 84% roughly on the heel
  3. Her base says w210 so I'm assuming 210 pounds and she feels like she's every bit of it I'm going down here soon to get as much history on it as I can from the lady I bought it from
  4. I'm not at home currently but this is a picture of the side the stamp is still evident fairly clearly and it looks to say trenton inside of a triangle
  5. Hey guys I just got my first "real" anvil I picked it up today to replace the dinky 55 pounder I started with Talking to the elderly lady I bought it from it came to Indian territory with her father on a covered wagon when he was about 2 or 2 and a half. She is in her 80s. It was the anvil for the blacksmith shop in my hometown when it was first founded and her father was the blacksmith or her grandfather. Any help identifying would be great It's a trenton and the markings look to be W210 SN78912 Or SN785912
  6. Just picked this up today was hoping someone could help identify the year The numbers look to be W 210 sn 78912
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