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  1. I bought it off another steam enthusiast. A stand up older gentleman from around the Toledo Ohio area. He acquired it from the upper Michigan region but other than that we do not know much. What we do know is the boiler is butt strap construction which is a huge deal in antique boilers. Other than the smoke box being missing this boiler is in fantastic shape. Funny to ponder how many thousands of feet of timber this little donkey has pulled to the mills in its region.
  2. I appreciate your concern Thomas, boilers have the potential to release immense amounts of energy if not properly used. Having said that I am part of a very knowledgeable steam association and we do everything to take all precautions and make sure we run these boilers safely. An old logging donkey. Basically a steam tugger.
  3. 30 bucks or so by the PA state boiler inspector. I have my own sawmill so firewood and sawdust for fuel is free. I'm a CWI and former union boilermaker so maintenance for the little boiler should be manageable.
  4. Yep, I am sticking with steam. Already acquired a small 15 hp vertical boiler.
  5. I got cast iron fever and paid way to much for it because it was never used and told it would be "easy" to fix lol. That was 6 or more years ago. It was built in 1952 and has a department of army tag on it. It went to an army base in new york and they never put it together. They must have threw the other pallet of parts away. It still has the original wood protecting the rod. I learned knife makers are good statesmen at least, he saw me coming a mile out lol.
  6. Already tried that. I about fainted when I got the quote lol. They absolutely will not give out prints either. Is that part yours? Would you sell if so?
  7. Would anyone know where to get parts or possibly a broken 200 pound Chambersburg H model utility? Im missing linkages and valves. This one is brand new from 1952. Was never put together by end user. I call him Chingachgook because he is the last of the Mohicans. Dies have never hit iron lol.
  8. That's a shame but we can't save them all. Thanks for the info Thomas. If you or anyone ever comes across any please pass it along to me.
  9. I wouldn't be afraid of a 1500 pounder. Especially would like an A frame but cant be choosey. The bigger you go the cheaper they are lol.
  10. Honestly I can handle anything up to a 1000 pounds or so. I may go bigger if it's the right hammer. I would love an a frame but they tend to be over 3000 pound class usually. I'm looking to exhibit these hammers for the general public to use and enjoy. Kind of a working museum type deal. Here is the 500 Chambersburg L model for your viewing pleasure. It's in original condition from the day it came from American Bridge. It's been sitting outside but it's all there. I call her sturdy Gurty.
  11. I've looked pretty thorough in my general close proximity. I was trying to network out from my locale. I've been fortunate to land a 200 and 500 Chambersburg utility. The 200 needs parts but the 500 is mostly intact.
  12. Thank you for the tips. Long time lurker but slow to join. I am in Pennsylvania if that helps but I will set location.
  13. I know this is an old post but what ever happened in this sale? Did anyone buy any hammers and what were prices like?
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