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  1. I need help identifying my anvil

    Thank you all for the expedient responses, I am including photos of it keep in mind it was hard art
  2. Rocky Mt Blacksmiths Oct 2017

    Sorry I am new to the forum but what is this
  3. I had just recently began blacksmithing using an A.s.o when I went to visit my great uncle who is a wood worker and ran across his yard art anvil I asked him how much he told me to take it, I have been looking all over for information on it but I have found nothing I know it is a Trenton it has "solid" on it and 131 stamped in the front but nothing else found something on the internet claiming it is a Germany model that matches my markings perfect. I have searched all over the anvil these are the only markings on it. This is one from an online ad, as my camera doesn't work too well. Any help would be so appreciated thanks Brandon