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  1. Guess it's a rather hard one to crack, but you never know. I'll look into it, thanks a bunch.
  2. Hey again. Finally removed it. It looks nicer than I thought on the inside. But still can't find out what brand it is. This is how it looked on the other side, perhaps the makers name is on the missing piece? Inside, It will need some love, but not too bad... atleast no mouse got evicted What kind of motor would you think should work with this blower? Any suggestions or ideas is very much appreciated. Could mention im from Sweden aswell, so English isn't my main language. Thanks in advance.
  3. Haha, too bad the guy that rented this place before bricked off everything to prevent birds from crapping on his precious Camaro...I have some work to do. Thanks for the fast reply, on Monday I'll try to dig it up and post more pictures. Thanks, I will keep that in mind
  4. Hello there. I just started becoming interested in blacksmithing and was about to try my luck on making my own coal forge, but then I remembered this thing just sitting there. As you can see the whole forge needs many hours of work, but I was thinking about starting with the blower. The problem is I have no clue what brand it is or what's missing, so would really appreciate someone guiding me in the right direction. Thanks!