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    Argyle, TX
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    Blacksmithing, Custom Ironwork, Hunting, Outdoor activities


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    Argyle, Texas
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    Retired 32 years Xerox Corp
  1. Blacksmith Wolf I have a 250 lb Vulcan in great shape. Let me know if you are interested. Thanks, Sonny Smith
    You can use most any measure when you're speaking of success.
    You can measure it in fancy homes,expensive cars or dress.
    But the measure of your real success
    is the one you cannot spend.
    It's the way your children describe you
    when they're talking to a friend.

  3. Well, after years of looking, I finally found a post vice in good shape that I could afford. I just finished the stand yesterday, and have used it twice this morning. The stand is a 2 foot square piece of 1/2 inch diamond plate with a 6 inch X 6 inch X 1/4 post. 1/2 inch top plate. I am going to like it alot, I can already tell.
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