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  1. It is a tradition in the UK, and here in France to, if someone gifts you a knife you must give them a silver coin
  2. I believe the same, that anvil will never be sold again, it will be used by me and when I cannot use it any longer will be given to another blacksmith, and yes as soon as my forge is up and running I will make him a gift, he also gave me a coin for luck, this will be placed under the anvil, call me a sentimental old fool but it feels right.
  3. It came with it, along with 34 pairs on tongs and other tools. I was stunned when he gave me that price I couldn't pay him quick enough.
  4. Just picked up this lovely anvil and can't wait to use it, got everything you can see in the picture for €400, the anvil is made by firminy in 1906, It's 156 kg and in very good condition, the gentleman sold it to me at a good rate as he knew I would use it and not stick it in a garden, I think I have a bargain, what do you think
  5. Hello Mr Bellamy sir, I hope you are well, you seem to be and as busy as always, I need a bit of help if you could, I am moving to France and wish to return to blacksmithing, unfortunately due to life circumstances i cannot find my apprenticeship completion papers and before i can become an artisan in France i need to verify that i have served my time, am hoping you can help. I do not work on Thursdays or Fridays so if your free can i pop in and see you. Best regards Jason Gardener a