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  1. I shall give that a try and see what the result is. Hopefully I didn't get duped but in all honesty the price was pretty low and the tools were pretty good from the looks anyway.
  2. I have done the rebound test (with a hammer as I failed to find a bearing) and it does in fact rebound. I would say about 80-90% however, it seems like the rebound is only in the center, as soon as you get to where the horn starts it has none (which seems like a regular horn since they're usually not made of hardened steel right?). The same applies to the heel but it seems to go a little further before the rebound drops completely. Thanks for the welcome! I'll add that location asap.
  3. Hey folks! I've done lots of reading of this forum and it has been incredibly helpful to me as I am just starting out, so thanks for that, first and foremost! I've been searching for an Anvil for the last few weeks without much success. Last night however, I managed to find a guy who was looking to sell his anvil for a pretty good price and I jumped on it immediately. It weighs 25kg and has a flat horn (as can be seen below). I've looked with all my might for stamps and other branding but to no avail. I should also mention that I live in South Africa and the guy I bought it from spun me a story about how the anvil was incredibly old (which I didn't really believe) but if that was true (and because of the country's heritage), it would make sense that it would either be British or Dutch anvil. I would be incredibly grateful if someone were able to identify it as such an anvil or just let me know that I've bought a weird ASO. Thanks!
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