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  1. Haha good question, Thomas, I don't see my blood line going any farther than me. Pretty convinced it's for the good of humanity... But yes, it is a little low for me. My cousin built it to fit him and he's got a little longer reach than I do for being the same height as I am. Picked up an old 50# anvil for $40 from an old farmer so I'm gonna go cut myself a stump and get it at the right height for me.
  2. Yeah I know I need to work on that and I noticed it on that drop point and have been working more on hammer control and not torquing the hammer on the way down. I actually hit a little more on the top edge than anything. It's not going to be an abused knife at all so I'm not worried about the tip breaking. Mostly use it for cutting bale twine, opening boxes, that kind of stuff... No chopping, prying or anything crazy like that.
  3. Been hard at it fiddling around with the forge again... I think I'm on the right track here. I'm gonna need more leaf springs at this rate. 4 1/2" blade seax, carved walnut handle, full tang I finished up this morning. 3 1/2" drop point, leaving the forge marks in but took it to 1,000 grit to still shine. Casting the brass guard tomorrow, scales for the handle should be in early this week. 6" Bowie I started today. Only stock removal was cutting the tang out. Plan on leaving the forge marks in it except the edge. Getting a steel guard on this one I think. I sold my Jeep today, I'm debating whether I need to catch up on bills or go get one of those fancy store bought anvils with that money haha. I'm having way too much fun with this knife thing!
  4. Stayed home sick from work. So naturally after a nap, half a bottle of DayQuil and some emergen-c I wandered out to the shop... Did some handle work, made a display stand and welded up a new pistol target. Got a feeling I'm not done fiddling around out there.
  5. Hahaha oh no we've got a great relationship, but for some stupid reason I moved back to where I grew up when I should be out there with him... I don't know if "regular" is the word I'd use to describe him, though.
  6. Thank you! I melted down casings from the last time my dad and I shot guns together to make the guard. He lives 15 hours away so I don't see him much anymore. Put a lot of thought and time into making him something nice yet functional. Really gonna be upset if he never even uses it as a knife lol
  7. I think I'm funny, but not in an appropriate way.. people don't like taking me into public. So I'll keep my dark sense of humor off the family forums. Thanks for the epoxy tip! I figured the longer cure stuff would be stronger, but I had some of the 6 minute stuff from anothet project. Should've just left it in the drawer... Oh well, lesson learned! I appreciate the compliments, criticism and guidance. You guys ain't all that bad, you know that?
  8. My Kalamazoo belt sander came in yesterday so no more having to do the grinding and whatnot with my angle grinder. Dispite having a nice sander I still didn't get the handle how I wanted it. Some idiot put their guard on backwards with quick set epoxy on everything and it really screwed me up. Oh well, made due and finished this one tonight. Next one will be better, I hope. Through some horse trading I scored a basically endless supply of nice wood through a friend's dad who makes custom furniture and cabinets... He also has an anvil I can borrow til I can find one of my own. So, this weekend should be fun!
  9. True, but my roommate can hear this I beam ring in the house when I'm out forging and that's 100 yards away. I'm thinking something a little more solid will help in more than one aspect.
  10. I shaped the head of my hammer and it helped immensely! Took all the hard edges off one side and left it mostly flat, pretty much rounded off the other side. It's amazing how much easier those little changes made in the work. Can't wait to get my hands on an actual anvil and see how much that helps!
  11. Haha actually the truck was in very good shape until someone backed a skid loader into it. I don't think it had more than 10k miles on it. Was just used to haul hay bails it's whole life. Doubt it even spent any time on a paved road. There was obviously some surface rust on the springs, but 30 seconds with a sander and it was good and clean. No cracks in the portion of the spring I have cut up that I can see yet anyways.
  12. Thanks JHCC! The hidden tang knife started it's life as a leaf spring from a 76 dodge pickup. Curious to see how it holds up!
  13. I've played around a bit more since the last posts, made a couple more blades and finished my second one completely. Working on a handle for my third knife I'm giving to my dad for his birthday tomorrow, and I think it's turning out very nice. I cast the brass myself for the guard, boy what a learning experience that was lol. Since this picture I've finished the brass guard, stamped it and buffed it. Just don't have pictures of that yet. I also made a small blade for a friend from a 12mm ratchet wrench and a file*. ***Removing the chrome from the wrench and forging outside since it was so nice here on Sunday*** Frosty, I do like jokes I'm just not very funny lol
  14. Haha man, didn't catch that when I reread it before posting, thought I cleaned it up. My bad!
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