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  1. I've sourced materials from a decomissioned section of railway, with the landowner's permission... But, I understand what you are saying.
  2. I believe I've seen those c-shaped ones while out scavenging... Looks like I'll be going out on a hunt again soon. Thank you!
  3. Hammer control, undoubtedly... I've much to learn in that regard, its not always about murdering the steel. There's a degree of finesse also involved. I'll see about getting the pandrol clips or rail anchors from my contact. Thanks for the advice.
  4. Why waste good alloys on practice runs? I have an exorbitant amount of railroad spikes at my disposal, to hone my skills, and find out what works and didn't work. As my skills progress, so shall the materials with which i shall work. I know rr spikes aren't the best material for knife making, but again, at this point for me, it's just learning techniques and methods.
  5. Thanks for the suggestions Frosty. You make a valid point about using the term "traditional". I look forward to absorbing as much knowledge as i can from this forum. Below is my first attempt from forging rr spike knives
  6. Thanks for the welcome. I've always been interested in fabrication work and making things with my hands. I'd rather have something handmade than store bought. I'm fascinated with metallurgy and taking crude components and making them into something useful. I want to learn traditional techniques and methods so that I may be able to pass what i've learned onto future generations, essentially keeping the spirit of blacksmithing alive. My goal, primarily is to learn how to make bladed weapons and to branch out from there. I've already started practicing on rail road spikes, making three knives last weekend and already planning on bearded axes/tomahawks. At this point, I'm without a gear or a forge, so I work out of the Dark Angel Forge & Armory in Pompano, Florida. That is where I took my introduction to blacksmithing course. I look forward to having a home forge, once I have house that will support such.
  7. Greetings all! I'm a newbie to the forum and blacksmithing. I recently started learning the trade in early November. I'm also a member of the Florida Artist Blacksmith Association. I look forward to learning more about the trade and skills and meeting/talking with people of similar interests. Thanks, James