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  1. Lol....just noticed the title, should've been WRENCH, gotta love that autocorrect .
  2. I had a box of scrap wrenches laying around and decided to put em to work. Larger version was the first go, the second was for a repeat customer that's going to the lower 48. I was lazy on the first one and didn't feel like firing up the forge, I think the smallet one came out much nicer.
  3. Frosty, guessing this is what you were referring to? I'm new here, my name is Bryan and I'm out in Wasilla. I'd like to attend but I'm doing a bazaar on the 12th.
  4. Thanks Frosty! I just joined up today......what, when, and where are are we talking about ? Here's another piece I did. Shoes and wheel were provided by the customer. I know its not perfect but they were really happy with it. Working those shoes are hard just using my vise and table! lol
  5. Thanks! My first work using a forge. I only have a 4 inch vise and my welding table to work with right now, it was a definitely a learning experience. lol
  6. Thanks, I just posted a pic in the "sculpture" thread. I'm actually really busy right now prepping for the local bazaar which is a good thing, basic items are good. ;-)
  7. This was one of my first "commissioned" pieces if you will. I had a lady contact me and ask if I could do something she saw on Pintrest, I gave it a go. I'm a newb at this whole thing, just trying to gain experience and knowledge as I keep working.
  8. Hello all, I'm new (somewhat) to the metal arena, I was working on my A.S. in welding many years ago and decided to jump with both feet into metal artwork a few months ago after being laid off for nearly a year. I've always had an appreciation for metal work and sculpturing and now I get to give it a go! I've been doing the basic things for now (horseshoe crafts) but want to expand. I have Lincoln TIG & MIG machines, Thermal Dynamics plasma cutter, planishing hammer, dual burner forge on hand and a 70# Cliff Carroll Wide Face anvil on the way. I've seen a lot of cool work on here so far and feel a little embarrassed to show what I've done so far, because, I am still a newb. Look forward to gleaning some good info here. :-)
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