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  1. Thanks for the advice and quick response, as soon as I get the project underway I'll be sure to snap a couple pictures, but I'm still in the planning phase so it won't be tomorrow or anything but I will show progress when I get going
  2. Hey all, Ive been lurking for a while reading up and looking around. I'm new to blacksmithing and I am just about to start gathering materials for a gas forge build. I've taken a couple classes here and there to see if I could get a feel for it and things have been coming pretty naturally so I figured it's time to get my hands dirty. I just had a couple questions about a design I've been mulling over, loosely based on a forge I used in a class. dementions are 10"x10"x10" angle iron and sheet metal box open on opposite ends with 2" ceramic fiber board on the inside on four sides and a kiln shelf on the floor on top of the fiber board. If all that makes sense then I'd have a 6"x6"x10" chamber with a door on one end and a volume of 360 cubic inches. My questions are: Does this design sound like a good setup? Assuming the design is good should I consider adding refractory cement, or should it be fine without it as long as the sides don't get wear? assuming this design would a single high quality burner be sufficient? And finally would a nut and bolt construction on the frame cause any concern since I'm not really set up for welding yet? Thanks in advance, and I'm located in Raleigh, NC in case anyone is close