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  1. I just hauled a Moloch 250 this last weekend Roughly 750 miles. I stood mine up. I could be wrong, but I thought I had read somewhere that the chance of breaking the hammer is higher when laying down. And then add in the quality of our roads in Canada and that just raises that risk higher. What I do is a chain around the sow block pulling forward, a chain around sow block pulling backward, a chain to the top pulling sideways, another chain to the top pulling to the other side. Safety wire all boomers, make sure the chains are screaming tight on both ends of each chain. Next I put four 2” wratchet straps rated for 2200lbs each going all 4 directions as added safety. The hammer is on a flat deck trailer with tandem 7000lb axles. I would absolutely NOT haul this big of a hammer on a F550 let alone a F450. This is the second 250lb hammer i’ve Hauled over 700 miles with no issues. Timber
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