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  1. You're right zadvorney, but i'll first want to get a MIG to work with; I have a stick welder, but I thought that will make a better looking job with a Mig welder (looking for a 220 volts like lincoln 180)...So, I believe it will be for fall project... I'm not a pro welder. I forgot to tell you did a very nice hammer, you have to be proud of it, enjoy it.
  2. Always watching you, very interesting... It will be helpfull for me.
  3. you guys talking about poliamide plates ???? I tought teflon, whats the difference? May i use teflon instead of poliamide ? I took a look on amazon canada, but didn't found any poliamide. You Jonah K, did you get yours in Canada? Thanks Michel
  4. Great topic... This is one of my project for the next fall time. Be sure I'll follow you all along the build. I will buy the plan's soon and make all the planification for finally get my own tire hammer. I'm a beginner in blacksmith , but at 62, I'll give me all the chances to go without hurt myself. Thanks Michel
  5. Some body have comments to help me about that anvil... Could it be a nice buy for a newbie ?
  6. I like that...what do you use for the clinkers cleaner?
  7. For a newbie like i'm, it is a real nice dream. Only BEAUTIFUL; i wish have the chance to do a run in Michigan to make you a hand shake... Michel
  8. Greetings Jim

    I'm a newbee, only from a few months. I'll have to learn more and more about blacksmithing, but even at 60, i have a great feeling with all i have to experiment in it. 

    Thanks again


  9. I would like to make square and round punches to make holes in hot metal; i want use h13 stock to do it. Will i have to heat treat them after forging and cooling in ashes for 12-24 hours. Thanks Michel
  10. oh I forgot...is it possible for you to send me your material list (principally how much of each kind of brick) Thanks Michel
  11. I pretty like your brick forge and i'll build somethink like this for my future forge; I'm a newby and i expect to begin in the early spring. The advantage of that kind of chemney is that it's easy to add an entry on the side for a wood stove. Real nice job Glen !
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