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  1. OK that is actually helpful. The sketch is rudimentary at best yes, my sketching skills have never been spmething ive worked on. Mostly in this I was wondering at the feasibility of an all in one system. Apparently a no go. I'll come back later with something specifically designed for solid fuels and see what you guys think.
  2. I'm building my first forge and I sort of want to go for something all-in-one here. The hope is to be able to have a multipurpose system that can use solid fuel or propane injection, have the ability to be both forge and foundry, and also to be utilized for my glass blowing. I think I'm on to something here but I was hoping for some feedback from those more experienced. Not pictured I plan to also build a door for the front of refractory brick or cast o lite (or similar material) to close the forge up for smelting. Things I'm not sure of : 1 the shape of the mobile table in front 2 the necessity of the bottom mounted blower in the forward table 3 is this even feasible... I'm really not sure.... I really appreciate any advice you can give.