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  1. hey Fergy yes and no, that was taken from another piece I was given that is practically identical, however this end is a little more rusted!
  2. Hey Latticino sadly the eye doesn't wrap completely around but it is something that I could work on, I needed something to cut wood for the fire and didn't have the money to buy an axe so thought I would go and head and give it a go. I tried to heat treat it a little but not sure if I got it completely right and like you said if the steel is good enough! I have a couple more of the girders knocking around so could try and make another if you have any ideas for improvement!! I was thinking of shortening the whole thing but I don't want to lose too much weight!
  3. Ladies and Gents this is one of very first projects I have undertaken and I am pretty pleased with the outcome, I don't know what to call it!!! I was given a piece of steel girder, cut one end off and started making the axe! There is a surprising amount of weight behind it but obviously it dosn't have enough weight behind it to be used as a splitter!! I still have a couple of pieces of girder left and was going to make a couple more axes! so please throw in any criticism as it is appreciated! Thanks - Don Kutter
  4. Many thanks for the help and suggestions from all of you on where to look up on the forum and how to make a quick and easy forge, I only joined the site yesterday so am still very unfamiliar with it and this is my first time making a forge, foundry or smelter and working with metal so know I am bound to make mistakes and any help will be listened to and taken with a smile! So far everything has been self taught with very little research and practically no budget, it's the main reason I joined the forum to broaden my knowledge from people in the craft!!!
  5. Mr. Powers me humble apologies if I have upset with my wrong use of the lingo but I was requested to pop a couple of photos of what I have been using up on here to show what I have been using and where it can be improved! I see my lingo is one of the improvements I need to make, my apologies again if I confused you! I would however be grateful if you would tell me how to convert this into a forge or how to make a cheap and easy one without access to a welder! many thanks! Don Kutter
  6. Hey everyone this is my homemade forge from an old flower pot and some plaster mixed with sand, it took around an hour to build which included mixing up the plaster mixture! Currently i am using an old varnish tin and a steel tube with a hair dryer as my airflow! The first image is the forge drying with the second pot still in. We used a another plant pot in the center to keep the sides upright and even. The Second is the finished product ready for its first firing to try and completely dry the plaster mixture and inscribed with 'Shed Life Smeltery' Th third is after the first firing and our very first Aluminium ingots!! WE were too eager to use it for the first time and didnt wait long enough after the first firing hence the small crack but it hasn't broken since touch wood!!!
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