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  1. Thanks! I was at a tractor show yesterday, and i ran into a guy who told me that he had a hard time welding too. But when he got an order to make a 13' chain, he said it was now or never. so by the end of the chain, he was confident that he could weld. sorry about the M.S. paint, but here's what he told me.
  2. Alright, I thought you guys were meaning (Mainly because i'm 16, and young and dumb here, but...) that i use the Wooden part, and hold the hammer bass ackwards. hahaha oops. But i only own wooden handled hammers There is no reason to re quote an entire post especially when its right here for all to see. wastes bandwidth
  3. Alright! should i start off with one fold, and see how it goes, or should i try to actually make a billet? (Seriously though, you guys have been so helpful!!) and i've also seen guys weld rebar rods to their billets to cut tongs out of the equation, is that good to do or? And can you weld with a wooden handle? I mean, it doesn't' sound right? but i could be... i dunno' just my gut tells me that that could be a bad idea.
  4. Thanks so much again, I'm going up to the farm again today to play around. I'll keep things in mind!
  5. Thanks, some motivation is needed at this point. And Frosty (if i may call you frosty) i have like a 5 lb flat hammer, and swinging that is a chore, but i think i have welded about an inch of a railroad spike. maybe? i don't know. all i do know is that my arm huurts.
  6. Thank you all! I have not tried this yet, but i will be sure to do so as soon as i get back to the farm! Is there a certain practice stock i should test with? or does just any ol' rusty peice of steel work?
  7. Hello all! I'm Ryan, and this is my first post. This past year i've gotten into so many things, and one of them being forging. I've been able to get myself a nice forge, and nice tools, and "Ok" material. As in I live on a farm. so that's my steel supply! haha. SO my real point behind this post is i've been trying to forge weld, or fold steel, and i have not at all been able to get a handle on this. can someone give me a non-vague response and a detailed how to? i know i sound picky, but i've been poking around on the web for a week now, and everything posted so far reads like everyone has an abundant background on the subject, so "Flux" means many things to me. Solder flux? Rosin core? Acid flux? HALP This is my forge ~Part time wizard, Part time genius, Full time idiot.