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  1. Thanks to all for the replies...they were of great help. I think Black Frog came the closest with the picture he found. Although my forge is a 666(something), it looks like 6660, the 243E and an 843E that I found look the closest. Thanks Frosty, for the search results. Unfortunately, no matter which search engine I use, I can't find any good diagrams/photo's of the venting system. Black Frog....Thanks for your best guess as the to the vent system. A couple questions; Do you think that I am holding the 'elbow piece' in it's correct orientation to the rear of the forge in the photo? If
  2. I acquired this Buffalo Forge, but it's missing the firebox, and I can't figure out how to properly supply it with air. I plan on putting in a new firebox....probably from Centaur Forge. But it would appear that there should be two air inputs...one under the firebox and one under the rear of the forge that helps vent the smoke. It came with the pictured pipe, which has three openings. One of the openings seems to fit the rear of the forge, but that doesn't seem to make sense to me. A close look at 'Vent Pipe 2' indicates that the center opening might be for dumping ashes/debris, as there i
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