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  1. First time forging was a couple weeks ago, i made this railroad spike bottle opener.
  2. Picked up my first anvil (130lbs peter wright) of craigslist for $275. Originally $350 but he gave me the 16 year old discount
  3. Played around with sketchup, going to go with a side draft (12 inch flue) with a hood partially covering the forge. (Basically what frosty described) Thanks For the help!
  4. I have been using a small whitlox forge Link to forge (using primarily hardwood charcoal) pulling it in and out of the garage, i want to build a chimney/hood so i can put it inside. But have no idea where to start. The forge itself is 16x16x9 What flue size should i use? And what type of hood should i use? (i was thinking an overhead with enclosed sides around the forge so sparks/ash are more contained) Any thoughts/advice would be very helpful!
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