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  1. I have had a stockpile of old 90's computers sitting around for years and recently have taken interest in deplating the components for gold retrieval. I've watched a few videos on the internet on doing it using various acids, which were very helpful, but I was curious if any of you were doing this and had any helpful methods for doing it. -Rich
  2. I know this is an old thread, but I use surface grinder almost daily at work in a machine shop and even know how to do some mechanical work on the Brown & Sharpe 2L with an automatic table reversing mechanism. My forum avatar is the gearbox from when I had to rebuild it after it sat unused for a few years, the rack pinion shaft was severely damaged, the oil lines had to be replaced, and I had to fabricate a lot of parts for the traverse distance mechanisms and the table reversing switch. The coolant pump/tank doesn't work anymore so we can only grind down about .003" at a time using a sp
  3. I like how that guy uses hand tools to built it! Here's a link to a similar treadle design, complete with schematics and bill of materials http://rizaydog.webs.com/treadlelathebuild.htm I must say it would be a lot easier to find an old flywheel like in the video and use that instead of crafting one out of wood! I have a few pulley wheels from haybale hooks I was going to use this design as a base for a treadle grindstone at some point. Thanks for posting the vid, Glenn!
  4. I'm brand spanking new to this, but not new to working with metal in general. I've been working in machine shops off and on for 9 years, strangely starting out in a shop that solely fabricated tungsten carbide tooling. Currently I machine various mild steel, stainless, aluminum, tooling steel, and softer metals on conventional mills and lathes. My forum photo is the gearbox for a 1957 Brown & Sharpe surface grinder that I recently rebuilt. That being said, I've been talking about smithing for all this time and finally built an extremely sturdy (as in, overkill) forge that I hope wi
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