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  1. Welding Fundamentals and Welding 101-01

    ya know, there is a major difference between bonding and fusion. Bonding is joining as substance without actually fusing them together. Welding is actually a thermo molecular restructuring of the parent materials in order to fuse them together in a permanent state. The job I am presently in is referred to as carbide welding....it's brazing with carbide in a nickel-silver matrix...a bonding process. As far as fusing aka welding carbon steel to stainless....chromium steel...a 309 or 308 filler works well, be it SMAW or GMAW. I kinda figure certifications are just paper....you can weld or you can't. Personally I've certified Section 8 and 9 (r,s and u stamps) API WSMA1104 6g, mil std 248c/271, AWS D1.1-98 1-1 2g GMAW, AWS D1.1-98 WSMAW 1-3 2g, AWS D1.1-98 WFCAW 1-2 2g, AWS D1.2-97 WGMAW 23/23 2g, SMAW 6g 6016-7018, QW-302 through QW-305,6gt 2202-2222.1, ETI AWS D1.1 QW-150 WFCAW, ASME section 8-4 and1 pressure vessel, NYCDOT 811.3-SMAW 1g 2g 1f 2f and BMP 03.012-03.015, 03.017, 03 020, 03.021, 03.032 and finally 03.057. There where more but I didn't document them. The above mentioned certs where only stated to validate that I know NOTHING about welding and joining. I learn something new every day...I've only been doing it since 1979. Integrity is doing what's right regardless who's watching