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  1. 12590 is the serial number I think. It's a 154 pound HB any idea on year. Sorry I know this has been done often.
  2. 12590 would be what year? I just bought one and just wanting to know
  3. I'm in Louisiana and I'll take some pics later today
  4. Just ordered one of Rogers pots. I'm anxiously waiting ... It's the only thing besides my champion blower keeping me from banging on some iron.
  5. I'm just getting started in smithing and my first order of business is getting my blower working and looking nice. It is working fine but my inner fan housing is cracked really bad.. Anyone know where I can find one or maybe how to fix this one...
  6. I'm just starting Blacksmithing and I'm jus a forge away from heating up some metal. I've acquired an Kolswa 90 lb anvil, 2 champion blowers, 2 leg vices, and an assortment of hammers and a couple tongs... Just saving up for a proper fire pot.