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  1. Hey Biggundoctor, maybe it's time to set up another get together. Let me know
  2. Thought I would post this here first before it goes to craigslist, I am cleaning out the yard and I have a forge I built, anvil and post vise that I am selling shoot me an offer everything you need to get started
  3. Hey all, Have not been on in a while. But if you guys are getting together. Let me know
  4. Had a great time thanks, It was good to meet everyone
  5. Winginit, Aquamanlr, spruce, Iron nomad, and you Biggundoctor and I maybe my son. Zanshin has moved to Cal. no one else replyed.
  6. Tables are reserved for 9:00AM at Big Dogs Drafthouse 4543 N. Rancho drive I am looking forward to meeting everyone Gary
  7. OK, Las Vegas Blacksmiths Any preference on meeting spot? I was going to talk to Big Dogs on North Rancho road see if I can get some tables reseved how does Saturday January 31 at 9:00 AM sound? Please post up, Thanks Gary
  8. Winginit, I live here in the northwest and am just starting out smithing we are going to have a meet and greet here in town around the end of January PM me your number and I will call you when I have all the details.
  9. Thanks Biggun doctor. Anyone else have a preference ? Saturdays work for me to
  10. I guess I missed it to, I just got a notification. Last I talked to Big gun Doctor we were going to set up a meet and greet . if everyone wants to let me know.
  11. OK thanks, I have been staying out of the shop it's to hot. 109 today
  12. Hey BiggunDoctor sorry I did not get back to you, I was in New Mexico. Timothy I am in the NW also and just starting out.
  13. Hello all, Biggundoctor pointed me in the right direction, thanks again, I am new here to IFI I am in the northwest and would like to get together with everyone. I am just a hobbyist but I am always looking to learn something new . I would like to learn some bladesmithing. Thanks again BIGGUNDOCTOR
  14. Thank you , I would be interested in the other thread for smiths in Las Vegas How do I find it? about the forge, I still need to build the hood for it. but I do have another one. I would be interested in meeting up with you guys. Thanks again
  15. This forge does not have the cut outs on the sides is it still a number 1 ? I found this on the internet a number 83 . I am going to build a hood for it if I can get some better pics I am going to try to keep it as close to original as I can Thanks
  16. Hope this is the right place for this. Can anyone help me out, I found this forge in Boulder city, Nevada being used as a planter for the last thirty years. I have rebuilt most of it but would like to find out the model and year if possible. any help would be great,
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