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  1. I would like both but I already have a really small machinest vise so I'm looking more for a post vise. You have a good point I guess they could turn up anywhere though.
  2. i guess i meant a piece of track lol i sure am not the birghtest sometimes. For everyone who sees this thread i am asking about making an anvil out of railroad track :). Thanks for the book recomendation I will be sure to look into it.
  3. Thank you so much for all the information. I made this account last march and then got busy with other things and forgot I even had an account. I came on the forum a couple times since then but I had forgotten my password so it wasn't until today that I got a new password.
  4. I built a wood working shop this past year. its not very big however I also want to start blacksmithing on my own. I was thinking of a seasonal open air shop to start. I don't think it would be a very good idea to do any blacksmithing in my woodwroking shop because of the very obvious fire risk, however if anyone has any experience or has pulled off such a metal-wood combo i would love to hear about it.
  5. I left my pants tucked into my rubber boots and sparks and hot slag fell into my boots, ouch!
  6. where should I look if I want to get a good functional vise at a good cost?
  7. Hi everyone I have very little expericence blacksmithing so I am a complete newbie. I got a 2 foot long piece of railroad tie and I want to make an anvil out of it. If anyone has any knowledge on making railroad anvils, tips would be greatly apprecieted. Thanks!
  8. Hi Everyone, Over the past few years I have taken an interest in blacksmithing and knife making. This past year I have taken a few classes from a local blacksmith and would like to set up a shop in the backyard this summer with a blacksmithing section and woodworking section (I have been woodcarving birds for 5 years). My main reason for joining this forum is to get some ideas and tips on designing my shop, and also learning about sources of metal, tools, best forge options etc etc.
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