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  1. I picked up the anvil yesterday. It looks exactly like the pictures only heavier (50 kg). It doesn't have a great ring, but it is definitely cast steel. I guess I'm happy. Wish I could have afforded better but like I say it will be good enough to learn on.
  2. I've just been emailing back and forth with him and it is in fact a Chinese make. Apparently the one he is selling is not the one in the pictures, but another one of the same style under the name Acaccio made for the Italian market. The one pictured is a smaller version which is why it has a 20 (kg) marking on the side. He assures me the one he is selling is 112 lbs (so it should have a 50 on the side) and he assures me it is cast steel. In another thread on this site a poster who is living in China bought what sounds like the exact same anvil but in the 100 kg/220 lb range with a 50 Rockw
  3. Sound Advice for sure. Thanks! I would post the link but for some reason the copy/paste feature isn't working on this page. It was posted on Kijiji in Ontario, Canada if that helps but don't go to too much trouble. In the end I am hoping the guy will let me smack it a couple of times with a hammer. or at least offer some more information than what he's posted if I email him. I appreciate your input.
  4. Hello, I could use some help. I am looking at an ad that is selling a "112 Lb Steel Italian Pattern Anvil". From the pictures is looks like the smaller version of one someone posted of his 100 kg Chinese made anvil. His at least said 100 on the side and "Acciaio" on the side. This one only has the number 20 on the side but it looks identical other than it's been painted. I realize that this is not the best quality anvil out there but since I am a beginner and it he's selling it for $300 Canadian I thought I would take a shot if it's cast steel. I just don't want a to end up with a ca
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