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  1. Saw this and immediately wondered how it was made.
  2. Appreciate it! Shhhhh... that coyote is gonna find out I took his anvil! It is most definitely exaggerated in the pic. But I will be sure to double check it later. I've actually never noticed it other than in that one pic. Keen eyes!
  3. I was planning on leaving her the way she is, unless ya'll said otherwise. When I said rolling up my sleeves I meant smithing on her more, not plastic surgery. that is what I thought was best but wanted to make sure it wasn't because I don't like using grinders.
  4. I absolutely agree that I can smith perfectly fine on this after a bit more use. Just making sure I wasn't missing the train.
  5. That's what I was thinking, but was wondering if there was some magic that could be done. Sounds good! Thanks!
  6. Not long, about a month. Drawing stock out on this anvil feels like I'm fighting what the anvil wants to do, ending up with weird looking tapers that I have to spend more time correcting. I'm not at all saying it is completely my anvil's fault.
  7. Howdy, so I've got this anvil, and I'm not sure exactly what to do about the edges, if anything at all. I've got an angle grinder with an 80 grit flap disk and a 30 grit grinding disk. I wanted to find out what ya'll would do, before I roll up my sleeves and make a fool of my self. Thanks! -Noah
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