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  1. Thanks alot Thomas. I'm glad to know the correct materials it is made of. Its an old one and its still in good shape after ~200 years of use.
  2. Thanks ThorsHammer82, I think im gonna go with a bathroom fan from a box store and as for the hammer im probably gonna try out a standard 2# cross-pein.
  3. sorry that i dont have a closer shot of the forge itself, but it is a very basic brake-drum forge. I will post more pics when i can take more of it. Do i need to restrict airflow when using drill stem for my piping? Also, can someone tell me where a good, cheap blower i could use for this forge could be acquired. Thanks, Jaybird
  4. Hi guys, I have recently gotten into smithing, but it has always been a great interest of mine. I wanted to get y'alls opinion on my newly built brake drum forge. In the pic the forge is on the right and my 1826 Mouse-Hole anvil is on the left. The anvil is solid cast iron with a forge welded steel striking plate. I am also looking at different types of forging hammers and would greatly appreciate your opinions on what weight and style would be good for someone starting out. I know this is a lot of beginner stuff and probably doesnt belong here but I mainly want yalls opinions of my new forge. Also, the other pics are of my first forged cooking irons, They're not the best in the world, but i thought it was pretty decent for my first time putting hammer to anvil. Thanks, Jaybird
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