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  1. I have read a few anvil stand threads, and will definitely read many more. I also just read a bit about anvil edges. So much to learn!
  2. That's great news! I have seen a bunch of shiny anvils with perfect 90 degree edges on the internet, and had second thoughts about her! I am reading up on bases, appropriate height, etc., and will make one up soon! Thanks for the input!
  3. I will preface this with the fact that I know nothing about anvils, and am slated to take my first blacksmithing class in the next few weeks. I just purchased this anvil, and hope that some of those more knowledgeable than I would chime in. It is a Hey Budden, stamped 217 on the waist. I weighed it, and it is pretty close to 217 lbs. The serial No. on the base, as far as I can tell, is 129,194 (see pic below), which gives it a birthday of 1907 according to Anvils in America by Richard Postman. Please let me know if it is in decent shape? Whether it should be tuned up, and how? Any cool history on such an anvil? Is this a particular pattern that has a particular use? etc.? Thanks so much!