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  1. That was not my video, I was just sharing it. Planning is the operative word when designing sectional chucks, the #1 piece has to be able to fit through the opening of course. My Grandpa used to tell me of how he once spun a silver sphere with out any seam. I wish I would have learned more from him.
  2. Just a thought, this could almost be a skype moment. (or other video chat such as gmail) I could set up a bowl pattern on the lathe and go from there. My favorite thing to do, well, one of my favorite things, is to put a spinning tool in the hands of someone who has never seen it done, the look on their eyes.. I gave a spinning workshop to a wood turners club once, Within those who dared give it a try there was a complete range of abilities. A concept they find early is that the pressure applied to the metal by the spinner is not constant through the process.
  3. mpj01


    Kettle corn kettle, spun copper bottom piece, fabricated kettle
  4. mpj01

    johnston piccard

    My Grandfather, my Dad, Jacques Piccard and his son.
  5. mpj01


    Another one of my Grandfather
  6. Thank you, The pictures are of my work over the years, I just included a photo of my Grandpa.
  7. mpj01


    Antique vase finial
  8. mpj01


    Sterling cup with ebony base
  9. mpj01


    Sterling vase
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