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  1. Okay, you guys "talked me into it". It was at a horse tack and consignment shop next to my office. It was on consignment oddly enough, even though it was horsie stuff, so it was hard to haggle. I'd been offering $1 / lb. for more than a year, but she's been down to $125 from an original price of $250 for months. She wasn't going any lower. So now I've got an anvil. I better hang around this site and find some reason to beat on metal!
  2. Need doesn't exactly explain it! ;<) On the basis of Mother Teresa or Mahatma Ghandi or even the IRS (!) I don't need much. But I would get some use out of an anvil if I had one and it would tempt me into playing with metal more. I just don't want to spend more than I could get out of it again. Or, more to the point, if this is a bargain I don't want to pass it up.
  3. For months I've been looking at an anvil for sale. I don't especially need an anvil, I'm not a blacksmith or blacksmith wannabe, but I have a shop and like to work on a variety of equipment. It is a Vulcan, about 100 pounds. I see Vulcans don't rate as being very desirable in the comments here. I wonder if there is a price point that makes one desirable for general shop use? They are down to $125 for this anvil, from $250 a year ago. they describe it as a horse-shoers anvil. At least that is what it has been in its working life. It has no significant chips, the holes are a little worn at the edges, the top has shallow dents - not sharpsided, just something I can feel with my fingertips. Does $125 for a 100 poung vulcan make this something I might want to have or should I resist? TIA