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  1. Actually, I forgot what the site was called and took forever to find it again xD I'll be looking through all these posts carefully - some real good advice here! In the meantime (learning to be a blacksmith isn't exactly an overnight thing) I'll be paying a local blacksmith to make the stands for me. (no volunteers, I already found him! :D)
  2. Hello everyone - much Googling has led me here! I currently work with a store through which I sell pendants and rings - these are made by designing them in a computer and then 3D printing them in Stainless Steel. However, this method is limited in its application, and prohibitively expensive, especially when making something that ought to be quite simple (relatively speaking) to do the 'honest' way. I don't know how many Skyrim players we have here, but I'm attempting to recreate the 'horn candles' that populate the game. Images below. I have my wax, I have my cow horns, and I
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