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  1. Thanks, I'll look into the results i can get from acid. any suggestions as to what kind should i try it out with? Though i've no doubts it could be done in a lot of other ways, in this case i can definitely say that both of the examples in those pictures were cut using cold chisels followed up by a huge amount of filing...hence why they would have cost a lot more when they were made than what they do now
  2. Hello everyone, my name's Damien, a 21 year old fashion student and part time antique restorer from melbourne with a big interest in Japanese and Chinese antiques and the metalworking methods used on their hardware, armoury, locksmithing, casting and metallurgy and a handful of other related areas. Outside of the metal workshop i've got a soft spot for cabinetry, stone carving, drawing, sewing, history, gardening and insect collecting. Its nice to meet you all :)
  3. Hi everyone i've been wanting for the last few years to start a little furniture making project, and at long last i've got all the materials and most of the tools and knowhow needed for it. Unfortunately however, i'm having a little trouble with one detail in particular since i've got almost no experience in cold chiselling thick iron or steel, and the chest i'd like to make would probably feature a lot of it. I'm just wondering if anyone knows of any hand tools aside from cold chisels that could allow me to produce this kind of pierced work with roughly 1.5-2mm thick corten/weathering stee
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