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  1. I made a Froe last year for a woodworker friend of mine. I used a big bar of some mild steel worked perfect.You can actually get a froe handle from this company called Beaver tooth handle company. Everything I read on traditional froes said mild was fine cause a wood mallet is used to hit and its actually more of a hit and twist action than a chopping action.


  2. I don't understand how I have an ego.People seem to make alot of assumptions. I never bragged about anything. I'll always accept advice (never said I wouldnt). The wire used for this was specified in the welding manual for this particular thickness and was set to the correct settings as specified.

    I think everyone is looking at the welds on the die jigs. Yes those are horrible in the front. I just welded that up super quick with some inferior wire after I ran out of the Lincoln stuff. The welds the support the structure itself on the 2x2s are fine

  3. Before they'd let us use the welders at school to make things they made us practice welding on a plate of thin steel so that we could see how our welds looked on both sides and if they penetrated properly and evenly.
    I personally always put extra welds and supports wherever I can when I weld things up.
    By the way I have seen this a few times now but why is the bottle pressing up and not down, thought this would be less acurrate then pressing down etc....

    I having it pressing up only because thats how I had seen most and it seemed like it would be an easier return without buying some beefy springs.

  4. Just as a tidbit of info I think around 50 or so people have built these and tested them. Found the info of of Don Foggs forum. Each piece thats welded on the structure has about 4 welds per section. I check everytime I use it to make sure the weld isn't broke. The bottlejack isn't homemade.

    I dont mind people telling me it's an idiotic idea, or that the welds aren't good. I just dont like people making personal comments about me being disabled and having to take care of me. And anyone that says blacksmithing isn't somewhat dangerous scares me, haha.

  5. I'm not mad I just don't like someone telling me his family is going to have to take care of me for generations. I pay my taxes, I make a good living, I wasn't the one who made a personal attack. Guess I should tone down my sarcasm on the next post.

    Mod note: the only hint at any personal attack came from you not being able to admit your lack of welding skills may get some one killed. Personal attacks violate the IFI ToS. Some one pointed out your welding is bad, and when those fail anyone near they can get hurt or worse also this hobby has enough risk with out allowing an ego to get in the way of safety.

  6. Wow bad first experience for posting to this site. First of all dont presume you can tell me how to live my life and make assumptions about my family. How am I not responsible for my actions? How is your family going to pick up my slack? I was just be honest saying I'm not a "professional welder". Last point I what to make is that this hobby is inherently dangerous. If I was building a burner for a forge I could possibly blow myself up or get burned badly. While using other pieces of machinery I could easily injure myself. Don't let personal problems cause you to be mad at the world

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